Fourth International Conference "Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Physics and Mathematics"

Invitation letter for visa application

If you need an official invitation letter for visa application please:

1. Fill in the Registration Form at the site.

2. Submit to the Organizing Committee the following necessary information  for preparing formal invitations from the Representative Office of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

                    copy of the passport (pages containing personal data as well as issue and expiration dates and No of the passport) by FAX (8312)658592  or (8312)390411 for G.Polotovskiy;

                    copy of the health insurance policy valid for the days of stay in Russia (only the pages containing personal information and reference to Russia ) by FAX (8312)658592 or (8312)390411 for G.Polotovskiy.  In other case we shall made it for you in Nizhny Novgorod , the price is about 5 USD.

You can use e-mail instead of FAX: make copy of the passport by scanner or digital photo and then send it by e-mail as attachment file in the format JPG.

When receiving this formal invitation from the Organizing Committee a participant should apply it to the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate for a visa. No other ways to apply for a visa are possible.

Letters of confirmation about acceptance of your talk from the  Organizing Committee may be also sent if requested.

The deadline for submitting information  is June, 1. 

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