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Worldwide knowledge

More than 750 young people from all over the world receive European level education at UNN. If you want to become a world class specialist join us.

Media for the young

UNN Media Centre aims to nurture future television stars. It includes a multi-camera film studio,a virtual studio, and a radio studio with a professional digital recording system designed for media training.

UNN diploma is a guarantee of success

UNN graduates can easily find a job. A host of the world's most popular employers such as Intel, Mera, and Stada confirm this.

Fortune favours the brave

UNN Basketball Team is a member of International Student Basketball League

Per aspera ad astra

This aphorism means ‘through thorns to the stars’. You’ll have daily interesting classes and lectures at UNN, and this path will lead you to a sky of opportunities.

Feel at home

In 2014 UNN got five QS stars for the Excellence of Facilities. It’s a guarantee that you will feel at home at UNN.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Researchers

Lobachevsky ranks the 24th among the world's university-based supercomputers. UNN applies the resources of 570-teraflops Lobachevsky towards solving complex problems with global impacts.  


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UNN at a Glance

1,000 doctoral
1200 Associate
& Assistant
400 Professors
30,000 students
from 85
19 Faculties
& Institutes

Research Institutes
570 teraflops

UNN Video

Martin Paul in UNN Media Center

Martin Paul, Head of the International Council of Lobachevsky University visits UNN Media Center.

Lobachevsky University. 100 years, 5 goals

UNN Media Centre has produced a five minute video to report new developments in 2014.
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Campus Map

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Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

Biomedical Cluster

Dormitory 1

Dormitory 4


Building 5

Innovation & Technology Centre

Building 6

Building 4

Dormitory 5

Building 3

Building 7. Research Institute of Living Systems

UNN Cafeteria

Building 1

Building 2

Building 1A

Advanced School of General and Applied Physics

Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship. Building 15.

Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship

Faculty of Law

Research Institute for Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics

Computing Centre

Faculty of Philology

Institute of International Relations and World History

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