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"Mathematics in Higher Education"
Registration certificate ¹ 77-15825 of July 7, 2003
Mathematics in Higher Education journal is ready to publish the articles on the problems of mathematics teaching at university.

Editorial Office address:
23 Gagarin Avenue, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
Nizhny Novgorod State University, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, the Chair of Geometry and Higher Algebra, Mathematics in Higher Education.

  1. The article should be submitted in digit in one of the versions of Tex editor or in Microsoft Word (with double space, 12 pt font, 4 cm left margin and 1 cm right margin with not more than 30 lines per page.)
  2. The article may be up to 16 pages.
  3. The languages of the journal are Russian and English.
  4. Each copy of the article should contain UDC code (typed above the article title in the left), abstract (up to 8 lines), and keywords. To the article you should apply the translation of the title, author's name, abstract and keywords into English. The information about the author (job, home address, phone number, e-mail) should be given separately.
  5. The number of the formula should be written on the right in parenthesis.
  6. The illustrations should be submitted in separate files in ps or jpg formats. The author may indicate the place of illustrations in the text of the article.
  7. Bibliography should be written at the end of the article on a separate page. In the text of the article the references should be marked by figures in square brackets.
  8. Welcome pdf format of the article.

The example:


  1. Bluman G.W., Cole J.D. Similarity methods for differential equations. New York, 1974. 332 p.
  2. Conn J.F. Normal forms for analytical Poisson structures // Ann. Math. 119, 1984, P. 577-601.

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